• Turku Castle

    Linnankatu 80, 20100 Turku, Finland .

    Turku Castle is a more than 700 year old historical monument. It has stood guard over the river Aura estuary since the 1280’s. Its granite stone walls hold within them the history of Finland, Sweden and the other Nordic countries.

    History in a nutshell

    The history of Turku Castle begins in the 1280's. During the centuries the fortification gradually changed into a grand greystone palace.

    In 1556, King Gustav Vasa named his son Johan Duke of Finland. The era of Johan marked a new phase in the construction of the Castle. The renaissance halls were built during this period, which also marked the beginning of the reneissance era in Finland.

    In the 17th century, the Governor General of Finland Per Brahe held court in the Bailey. Gradually the administrative centre moved out of the by then old castle, and gave way to a prison. It also served as a storehouse and as barracks.

    In the 1941 bombings the castle was left in ruins. After the end of the war restaurations began. Nowadays the periods of construction can be seen in labyrinthine passages, walled up doors and windows and in mysterious staircases.

  • Turku Market Square

    Eerikinkatu, 20100 Turku .

    The Turku Market Square is a popular meeting point and the heart of Turku’s commercial centre. The market square is one of the largest central squares in Europe.

    Despite the construction work, the Market Square hosts various kinds of activities around the year.

    The construction of the updated Market Square will be completed in 2021. There is a fence around the construction site, and small events, such as Christmas markets, can be held on the north side of the square.

  • Turku Cathedral

    Tuomiokirkonkatu 1, 20500 Turku .

    The Cathedral is open every day of the year 9am - 6pm. Please note that during events it is not possible to walk around in the church. The entrance is free.

    Turku Cathedral is the mother church of the Lutheran Church of Finland, and the country’s national shrine. It was consecrated as a cathedral (as the main church in the diocese) in 17th June 1300. Its history spreads thus over more than 7 centuries. The Cathedral is located in the old centre of Turku city.


    Turku Cathedral is not a museum itself, but there is also a small museum in the church. The Cathedral museum is located in the second floor, on the southern lectern. There is a small entrance fee to the museum: 2€ / adult and 1€ / child. There are artefacts from the Cathedral's history on display in the museum.

  • Föri - City Ferry

    Läntinen Rantakatu 47, 20100 Turku .

    A truly unique city ferry serves the Aura River, taking passengers from Turku to Åbo and back again in just a few minutes. Föri (comes from the Swedish word färja) is a light traffic ferry that has served the Aura River for over a hundred years, first taking passengers in 1904. Beloved by Turku citizens, the little orange ferry runs nonstop back and forth across the Aura River approximately 500 metres after the last bridge heading toward the mouth of the river. Föri takes around 1,5 minutes to cross the river and starts back when the passengers have been replaced with new ones. Hop aboard, it's free!


    Linnankatu 55b, 20100 Turku .

    The Funicular is the first outdoor inclined elevator in a Finnish city. It offers unimpeded access to Kakolanmäki hill where there is no other public transport. The funicular runs between Linnankatu and Graniittilinnankatu at Linnankatu 55b. You can get on or off at both stations, lower station and top station. Travelling on the funicular is free of charge and one-way trip takes about one minute.

  • Hansa Shopping centre

    Eerikinkatu 15, 20100 Turku, Finland .


    Hansa, or Hansakortteli (Hansa Block) as it is called by the locals, is the largest, most distinctive, and oldest shopping centre in Turku. Hansa is located right in the heart of Turku and at the focal point of events - by the Kauppatori (market square), where you can find almost all you can possibly need

    The shopping centre offers excellent services and shops in the fields of fashion, dressing, free time, and household items; Stockmann department store; cosy restaurants and cafés; pharmacy, health and medical services; and great banking and money exchange services.

    Another appealing reason to visit the shopping centre is its versatile and intriguing catalogue of events, as things are happening at Hansa all year round. While you are shopping, you can encounter various events, culture, and exhibitions. Finland's oldest theatre, Åbo Svenska Teater, is also located in Hansa.

    Hansakortteli is easy to visit by bus, bike, or even on foot. For our customers who arrive by car, there are multiple parking garages in the centre area. Welcome!